Wang Yameng & Su Meng's Live  R.Gnatali~ Suite Retartos- 2nd mov.
Played by Kim Hee Hong S.L.Weiss ~Passacaglia ߿
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For the people who are much interested in manufacturing guitar, I come to open the moving images of whole entire manufacturing process to the public consisted of close photographing and detailed explanation. These are Benito Huipe's VHS images, Mexican editor, exposed the second time in the world since has been released 2001($59.95 for the local price).
Therefore, I believe that it will help to promote understanding and love of guitars.

The instruments shown being made in the moving images are owned by Mr Kim In-ho, the president of guitar associations. The process of manufacturing is made a film and edited by self-camera and I have no doubt this will be essential reference to those who play guitars.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to the persons concerned Tema-plus, Korea video image research institute and Mr. Suh, Yun-Il, the representative of Coart corporation.

(Reference) R.Ruck design, Bear-claw spruce Top, Indian Rosewood, 110 minutes, 42 pieces material wood inlaid mosaic, sound board Schellac finish, Gloss lacquar The video files for manufacturing guitars are not ready yet. Sorry.


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