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Title  Li Jie (China)- video
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Instrument~ Alma double top Master grade/2006, 650mm(Kim Hee Hong)
                  Mario Gropp (Germany)
She began to study classical guitar at the age of 11 under the teaching of Prof. Chen Zhi.
One year later,she attended the program "Classical Guitar's Technique and Performance" of CCTV.
1995, she was enrolled in attached Middle school of Central Conservatory of Music.
2000, she was admitted to the CCM.
She has joined much international intercommunication and highly appraised by
many celebrated masters,such as Prof.Michael Levin of The Royal college of Music,
John Williams, Alexander Sergei Ramirez, Lachine Suzuki, and so on.
Especially, Irma Costamzo of Argentina highly appreciated Li's performance.
He commented that I belive i can appreciate your concerts on the world stage.
As expected, Li Jie won the 2nd International Guitar Competition in Hong Kong in Aug.1998.
The assembly of three girls, Li Jie Wang Yameng, and Chen Shanshan, was  named as
"God's Favored Girls,super trio
Their consummate skills and enthusiastic style were warmly welcomed at 
Beijing Music Hall and other concert all over China.
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