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Title  Chen Shanshan (China)- video
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Instrument  /Alma double top Master (Kim Hee Hong),
                /Mario Gropp
Born in 1982 She started to learn guitar under the tutelage of guitar educator Professor Chen Zhi in 1997,
and went to the middle school attached to the Central Conservatory of Music.
She in another outstanding student of Professor Chen Zhi just like Wang Yameng.
She participated in world famous Tokyo international guitar competitions in Nov.
1999 on demand of Ministry of culture.
She won 2nd prize after 3 times of competitions with 43 player from 13 countries of Japan, German, Swiss, Ukraine, Canada, and etc.
After the competitions, many masters of Japanese praise her play.
Among them, , the senior of Japan guitar history,
was in stinting in his praise of her play with saying,,,
After listening to Chen Shanshans Koyunbaba, I shed the tears of impression
first time in 20 years.
Feb. 2000, John Williams, the one of worldwide guitar masters,
visited Beijing and showed his highest praise after listening to
Duet of Chen Shanshan and
Wang Yameng played by Smallman guitar he had given.
Global Music Record of Central conservatories made "La Cathedral" in China for her.
Chen Shanshan had performance tour in Europe twice with Wang Yameng and Prof.Chen Zhi,
and held concert that Solo play or Duet with Wang had high praise in German, Britain, Italy
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